Chapter 6- Statics Analysis of Structures

Ok it doesn't get much better than this chapter, the analysis of structures. This chapter is one of the reasons why I decided to become a structural engineer!

In this section you will learn how to analyze two different types of structures: Truss structures, and frames and machines.

Some good examples of truss structures can be found in your attic. Using the concepts you already learned in statics you can apply them here. Typically you will start off each problem by finding the support reactions by doing sum of the forces and moments, nothing new here. Then once we have the support reactions you can start taking the structure apart to find what is going on inside the structure. To do so you will be using the analysis of a particle or the equilibrium of a rigid body, just like you did for the support reactions except it will be for just part of the structure, or what we refer to here as a section.

Then we end the chapter by analyzing frames and

Frames and Machines